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Comprehensive Care

  • Review of health history and relevant medical records
  • In-depth interview and assessment (90 minutes)
  • Development of comprehensive treatment plan (30-60 minutes)
  • Review of plan – question and answer session (30 minutes)
  • Follow-up review of progress – usually 2 weeks after starting the regimen (30 minutes)
  • Ongoing follow-up appointments and protocol revisions as needed
Note: Generally the program as described above will provide optimum benefits, but we may choose to vary or tailor it to your needs.

In-depth info on what to expect, the process, forms etc.

Guidance Consulting

A more flexible option for patients looking for recommendations, resources, and guidance through the maze of challenging decisions that a cancer or chronic disease diagnosis brings. Consultations are usually 60 minutes and do not require submission of medical records.

Peer to Peer Consulting

Healthcare professionals are invited to present patient cases for collaborative review, or to inquire about medical topics and issues. Collaboration and education are both available.

Associated Costs

Medical care and consulting services are billed at $250.00/hour.

This includes:

  • Consulting time – face-to-face or by phone
  • Treatment protocol development and revision
  • Research specific to your case/inquiry
  • Questions answered by email

We bill for actual time spent and do so in increments of 5 minutes.


Comprehensive Care

What to expect

Once you have sent in a contact request, our patient liaison will contact you to gather relevant information and make sure your questions are answered.

Scheduling your first appointment

  1. Once you have sent in a contact request, our patient liaison will contact you to gather relevant information and make sure your questions are answered.
  2. An initial in-depth consultation will be scheduled. To secure your appointment, we will need your completed Payment Agreement, a credit card on file, and a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the cost of the initial consultation.
  3. The initial visit is typically 90 minutes. As each case is unique, this time may vary.
Schedule Appointment

Preparing for your initial, in-depth consultation

Please submit all requested documents at least one week before initial consultation.

This includes:

• HIPPA Agreement  (download)

• Consent to Treatment  (download)

• Intake Questionnaire  (download)

• Relevant medical records (based on each case history)

• Payment Agreement (download)


Initial Consultation

The in-depth, initial consultation

  1. Consultations are in person, by video meeting, or by phone. When possible, in-person consultations are encouraged for the initial meeting.
  2. You will be receiving a lot of information. Having an advocate attend, or recoring the consultation, can be a great benefit. Conference calls can be arranged if your advocate is not in the same location.
Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan

  1. After your initial interview and assessment, I will review research relevant to your case and develop a unique and comprehensive plan for you. You will receive this by email within one week of the consultation.
  2. The time needed for this work is typically 30 minutes. As each case is unique, this time may vary from 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. Your treatment plan will include:
    • Botanical and nutritional medicine protocol
    • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
    • Pharmaceutical recommendations if applicable
    • Lab work request
    • Additional therapies to consider
    • PLAN – overview of the goals and intentions for the initial protocol and a look at future options.
Protocol Review

Protocol Review Session

  1. After your initial consultation, you will be scheduled for a protocol review. This phone consultation is typically 30 minutes. As each case is unique, this time may vary from 15 to 45 minutes.
  2. Once you have read through the treatment plan, you are likely to have questions. As you read through the document, note these questions in preparation for the protocol review. I will work with you directly to help you fully understand my recommendations.
Obtaining Medicines

Obtaining Botanical and Nutritional Medicines

  1. You will get a copy of the medicinary ordering instructions along with your protocol.
  2. There is excellent support available through the Jade Mountain Medicinary. Our staff will help you get started and answer questions about your medicines. 

Protocol Refinement Session

Two weeks after you have started the treatment protocol, there will be a check-in to make sure things are working well for you. There may be a few revisions to the protocol after this consult.

Additional Consultations

Additional Check In Consultations

Follow-up appointments will be recommended based on individual needs. We will ensure you are getting the support you need, changes are reported, and new medical information is made available and reviewed.

Comprehensive Care

Set up a consultation or let us know if you any questions.

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