“Cancer Culture”

Cancer is the disease of our time.
It is the internal manifestation of our external actions.
We are diminishing our biodiversity, destabilizing our ecological networks, and creating an ever-growing burden of disease.

We are Cancering

This webpage is a space dedicated to the transformation of human actions for the prevention of cancer.


Jason Miller, doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine, explores why cancer is the disease of our time.

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The journey starts with awareness. When we take a deep look at the biology of cancer in our bodies and compare this with the ecology of human actions, the parallels are undeniable. 

We can’t go back to where we were before the agricultural revolution began, but we can move forward with a way of life that is more deeply and synergistically woven with nature.


I will be posting here weekly, bringing awareness and attention to the specific ways we are disrupting our ecosystem and how this disruption is driving cancer in our bodies.


“Re-wilding” is one of the most important concepts that has been brought forward recently in terms of the preservation of stability in our ecological network.

Targeting the Biological Terrain in Oncology

The videos below are excerpts taken from a recent intensive presentation I gave at the Medicines from the Earth conference. They take a more technical look at some of the concepts that are touched on in the film, and delve more deeply into the biology and etiology of cancer. 




What is Cancer?



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Anti-Cancer Revolution 2

Anti-Cancer Revolution 2

Today kicks off day one of the Anti-Cancer Revolution 2, featuring a host of exceptional experts in the field of collaborative oncology. My talk is called “Targeting the Biological Terrain in Oncology.” It digs into the ecological manifestations of cancer in our...

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in Cancer Care

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in Cancer Care

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and it profoundly affects our quality of life. The American Cancer Society has been gathering data regarding cancer incidence and associated deaths since 1951, and their 2017 analysis predicts 1,688,780...

An Unconventional Perspective on Cancer

An Unconventional Perspective on Cancer

As someone who has developed an intimate relationship with cancer, what I call “the disease of our time,” I have dedicated a great deal of my life to evaluating the potential for a holistic, collaborative approach to managing this disease. The greatest inroads we can...