Dr. Jason Miller, LAc, DACM


“I’ve been a patient of Jason Miller for over 10 years. Over that time, we’ve been working on the prostate cancer issues that I’ve had for over 15 years.  Of all the practitioners I’ve worked with, Jason has the most comprehensive understanding of the biochemistry of the human body and how everything is interrelated.  He’s able to describe how taking a specific food or herb impacts the whole system.  He’s a compassionate, sensitive, caring person who has supported my decision to heal my whole body with a holistic, collaborative approach, and obviously I trust his judgement completely.  Jason’s whole staff is engaged, attentive and supportive.  An A-1 clinic!!!”

~ Richard Magarian, Berkeley, CA.  

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, and was very fortunate to find Jason “Cedar” Miller, who guided me in taking optimal care of my condition, through a personalized, ever-evolving protocol. Because of this, I am much healthier and still have my prostate. Cedar brings much to his work, including the very best of botanical and nutritional medicine in conjunction with astonishing biochemical savvy and more than ample knowledge of allopathic medicine. He is a gem, a master at his craft.”

~ Robert Masters, PhD, Ashland, OR  

“In 2013, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, an auto-immune based hyperthyroidism. I was devastated when I learned that this diagnosis had life-long consequences. The endocrinologist’s plan was to radiate my thyroid, which would have caused me to go into a permanent hypothyroid state and then be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. An entire list of side effects raced through my mind for days, but I knew there had to be a healthier way. Then I found Dr. Jason Miller. I was in so much physical pain and had so much fear at our first meeting, but Dr. Miller jumped right in, made time for me, and had my symptoms easing within 2 weeks!

He approached my “illness” with a perfect blend of progressive, innovative ideas, scientific research, and a historical knowledge of how the body systems function together. Jason didn’t approach my illness as a life-long disease sentence, but as an imbalance that could be brought back to homeostasis. By stimulating the right body systems and calming others with the use of plant-based medicines that worked with my body rather against it, my “incurable disease” became a temporary “disorder,” and my body found its homeostasis within 12 months on Dr. Miller’s protocol. I have remained disease-free with my thyroid markers stable ever since.

Jason treats, cares for, and educates his patients so they can truly heal and maintain their health!”

~ Cara Frantz, CPM, LDM, Ashland, OR 

“Working with Jason has been like the missing ingredient in a soup. I was doing a lot of supplements and healing modalities before I met him, but nothing was really helping. I knew I was getting worse even though I was doing everything I could think of to get better. Once I started following Jason’s recommendations, I finally started feeling better. I’m not done, I’ve still got my work cut out for me, and there’s no guarantee, but at least I have the confidence that was lacking before, and I know I’m doing all I can to heal. 
I trust Jason, and I believe in his expertise in the field of healing the body. I am so glad I found him. I feel like I have a second lease on life, and because of him I believe I will see my daughters graduate from high school and college. There is no price I could put on that!”

~ Tambre Thompson, Berkeley, CA  

“Jason is a dedicated medical scholar who works with a patient to understand all aspects of his or her individual case in detail, then does the research to find the best path to health for that patient.  He’s like no other doctor that I have ever worked with. In my case, Jason has been with me at every step, starting from a diagnosis of  aggressive prostate cancer, to not only finding a non surgical way to deal with my tumor, but also along the way fundamentally changing the way I look at my nutrition and fitness. The result is that I am healthier now than I’ve been at any time in the last ten years. Thank you Jason!”

~ Adam Reed, Ashland, OR  

“After a successful surgery to remove a sarcoma of the retroperitoneum in 2015, doctors couldn’t agree on how to treat me with chemotherapy. There was very little data to support the benefits of conventional treatment in my case, as sarcomas are difficult to treat and mine was a rare and aggressive kind. I ultimately decided to forego chemotherapy, and to return every six months for follow up imaging.

Then I found Jason, who made me feel that there was a lot that we could be doing to improve my chances of healing. I was impressed by his wealth of knowledge about conventional and “unconventional” oncology, and by his eagerness and tireless research! I feel fortunate to have Jason’s brilliant and inquisitive mind on my side. During our Skype appointments, we dissect my lab results, tailor my protocol, answer my questions, even collaborate with colleagues, and he always makes me feel as if I am his most important patient. Additionally, Jason is very sensitive to the fact that integrative cancer care is expensive, with hardly any help from medical insurance. I am grateful that he is dedicated to making integrative health care affordable for more people. Jason is a gifted healer and a caring friend.”

~ Mrs. S, Dallas, Texas

“I have been a patient at Jade Mountain Medicine since 2006. I am a four-time cancer survivor who has survived Mesothelioma, which was diagnosed and treated by removal of left lung, in 1998. I was only given a 22% chance of survival. With the help of Cedar, I am still here! As a result of my career, I sustained many unusual injuries which have escalated in their intensity over the years. Some of the best Doctors in the world were made available to me and after 20 plus years as a police officer, I was left with the news that I would get progressively worse and in the very near future, be wheelchair bound. Through a steady course of treatment and combating any new issues that have occurred, my health regime with Jade Mountain Medicine has been a worthwhile and effective endeavor. I now live a very full life here, walking, shopping and doing whatever I choose to do, on my own two feet, with no wheelchair. I look forward to many, many more years of travel and mobility due to the continuing diligence and heartfelt efforts of Jason “Cedar” Miller.”

~ Laura Nicholas, Medford, OR. NYPD-Retired 

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Cancer is the disease of our time, and it persists as one of our greatest medical challenges.

The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” takes on greater significance in the field of oncology. My own adaptation is, “An ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure.”


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