I’m collaborating with Seeds of Light to unite their dedication to eco-conscious growth with my insights from Jade Mountain Medicine. At this intersection, we blend deep understandings of health as interconnected ecosystems with the quest for personal mastery. Together, we’re pioneering a fresh vision of wellness, rooted in harmony with our planet.


Jade Mountain Medicine

I founded Jade Mountain Medicine in 2006 with my wife Kara Miller LAc, MAcOM. Based in Ashland, Oregon, Jade Mountain offers a wide range of medical services. Our clinical team includes four TCM practitioners, an occupational therapist, a massage therapist, a midwife, and a qi gong healing circle facilitator. I am the clinic director, and I continue to practice hands-on medicine at Jade Mountain 1 day per week.



BotanicalMedicine.org hosts conferences on botanical medicine and curates some of highest quality herbal education available today. I have had the pleasure of lecturing at conferences hosted by BotanicalMedicine.org since 2010. The BotanicalMedicine.org website is an excellent resource for writings and lectures covering an array of pertinent medical topics.


Natura Health Products

As the medical educator for Natura Health Products, I answer technical questions, offer case specific support, and host monthly webinars on important medical topics. Please feel free to sign up with Natura EDU at naturaedu.com and you will have access to my backlog of webinars and writings. There is also a ton of great information on this site including white papers, research reviews, and videos.


The Mederi Center

As a faculty member in the Mederi Clinical Training Program, I work with Donnie Yance CH, RH (AHG), and Dr. Dwight McKee, MD to develop and teach the Mederi approach to “unified” medicine, an evolution of the concept of collaborative medicine based on Donnie’s “Eclectic Triphasic” model. The Mederi Clinical Training Program draws on all available evidence to develop effective strategies for cancer patients. It is designed to equip the integrative practitioner with the tools they need to provide sound guidance to cancer patients by integrating the most recent clinical trial data, basic sciences research, and traditional medical system principles.


Green Earth Medicinals

As the Chief Educator and Chief Formulator for Green Earth Medicinals, I create effective CBD and plant-based medicines and educate practitioners about how to use these formulations in clinical settings. We have some beautiful products, both for internal consumption and topical application. Check out some of our videos and content at:


Kung Food

Kung Food – My wife, Kara Miller, LAc, MAcOM, started kung food as a food delivery service that provided organic, home cooked, wholesome food for busy people who didn’t have time to make home cooked food every day. Bone broth, and a line of formulas combining bone broth with Chinese herbs called “Jade Tonics,” are foundational components of the Kung Food vision. Kara’s broths and Jade Tonics formulas are available at Jade Mountain and at Farmer’s markets in the Rogue Valley.


The Institute for Functional Medicine

The term “functional medicine” has become a buzz word in the medical community lately, but honestly, I’ve been using a “functional” approach to medicine since I first opened my clinic doors 14 years ago. The basic principle of Functional Medicine is to find the root cause of illness, rather than just ameliorating symptoms. This is what I do in clinical practice, every day. Living and working in Ashland, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with both Michael Stone, MD, and David Jones, MD, who have both been instrumental in the development of the Functional Medicine movement. Dr Stone was a part of the ongoing round table discussions that I was facilitating at Donnie’s Center for Natural Healing for a couple of years, which is where we got to know each other a bit and got to share our approaches to medicine and healing. The Institute for Functional Medicine’s website is a great resource.


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