Today kicks off day one of the Anti-Cancer Revolution 2, featuring a host of exceptional experts in the field of collaborative oncology. My talk is called “Targeting the Biological Terrain in Oncology.” It digs into the ecological manifestations of cancer in our bodies, how to identify them, and how to address them with botanical medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle, and how to weave these therapies with modern oncological treatments. The information in this free online event is not like anything else out there that is available to the general public. It is a compilation of presentations by medical practitioners who have devoted themselves to improving the lives of people suffering from cancer. The information in these presentations is based on modern medical research, decades of clinical experience, and traditional medical principles. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for reliable information to help themselves, their family, or friends with the challenges that a cancer diagnosis poses, to access these invaluable resources. Wishing everyone out there a fulfilling and meaningful journey.